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Enroll in an Medicare Advantage Plan:

  • If you are turning 65, you may enroll 3 months prior the month of your birthday, the month of your birth. and 3 months after your birthday
  • If you are on disability, even if you are under 65 years old.
  • If you are moving to California.
  • If you are dropped from a group health plan you have 63 days to enroll.
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We offer Quality Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans for California Seniors. MA plans are a great alternative to Fee-For-Service medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans are sponsered by Medicare which then subsidizes private insurance carriers to offer health insurance services to seniors or disabled persons who enroll in the plans.

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California Medicare Advantage Plans

A Few Extra Things You Should Know about Medicare Advantage Plans:

Special Elections Period

You may enroll in an Advantage Plan:

  • If you are turning 65, you may do this 3 months prior the month of your birthday, the month of your birth and 3 months after your birthday
  • If you are on disability, even if you are under 65
  • If you are moving to California
  • If you are dropped from a group plan you have 63 days to enroll

From the many California Medicare Advantage Plans available we select the ones which are most popular as they offer no additional premiums and fit most peoples needs. Request Medicare Advantage Plan Information.

Am I Eligible For A Medicare Advantage Plan?

If you or your loved one are Medicare-eligible, and enrolled in Medicare Part A and B benefits, you can get information about a Medicare Advantage plan.

  • Pre-existing conditions do not matter (exclusion: Patients who have End-Stage Renal Disease as a pre-existing condition are not eligible for a Medicare Advantage plan).
  • No physicals required.

The Advantages Of A Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage plans can provide you benefits that are not covered by Medicare Part A and B such as vision, dental, hearing, and preventing services like annual physicals.

Some Medicare Advantage Plans have $0 Premiums

Some Medicare Advantage Plans offer health coverage at no additional cost over what you already pay for your Medicare. While some plans have a no monthly plan premium, others do. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium unless paid for under Medicaid or by another third party. Plans with prescription drug coverage are available in all service areas.

It is important to make the right choice before signing up for a Medicare Advantage plan by carefully reviewing and comparing different plans. Please call us at 1-800-260-9051 or click here to email us. We are happy to explain the benefits, services and the costs of the Medicare Advantage plans we offer, and how they compare to your current health care coverage.

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