Open Enrollment For Child Only California Health Insurance ends March 1st 2011 Find Low Cost Children's Health Insurance Here.

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California"Child Only" open enrollment Nov. 1 thru Jan 31, All pre-existing conditions accepted now! - call for more details 800-260-9051.
Learn MoreYou can apply for "child-only" medical health insurance during California's initial open enrollment period beginning January 1st, 2011 and ending March 1, 2011. Even though we are past March 1st most carriers are still accepting open enrollment applications *certain conditions apply.
During this "child only" open enrollment period you can apply for a medical non-group health insurance plan for your child and the insuree cannot be denied due to any/all pre-existing medical conditions.
If you miss the this open enrollment period in California, you can still apply for "child-only" medical health insurance plans anytime during the year *surcharge may apply. Open annual enrollment without surcharge occurs during the child's birth month.

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As a parent it is so important that you have child health insurance. What is more important than your children? Here at California Healthy Choice you can fill all your children's health insurance needs quickly, easily, and all from one website.

In as little as two clicks you will be provided with multiple low cost child only health insurance quotes, affordable rates, and quality plans that will help you find the health insurance that you need. Choose your deductible, out of pocket maximum, and carrier then elect the plan that's right for your child. In one more click you will be on your way to filling out an online application for a fast and affordable children's health insurance plan. Apply with confidence, we are the most trusted site for California children's health insurance. A friendly voice is always just a phone call away to answer any questions and to be there after you purchase a health insurance plan to assist with any problems.

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We are the Most Trusted Source for California Health Insurance
Things to consider:

As a parent, there is nothing as important as keeping our children safe, healthy, and happy. Aside from making sure that our kids eat right, get enough rest, and take their vitamins, sickness and injuries are apart of being a kid. Kids are susceptible to all kinds of diseases and accidents especially since all they think about is playing and having fun. Another kid's sneeze may leave your child with severe fever or colds that require numerous visits to the doctor as well as undergoing tests, a spreading flu virus may leave him so weak that he or she would require hospitalization or a tragic car accident leaves him or her bed ridden until recovery. There are so many instances where your child may need to go to the hospital for checkups or admittance. Bear in mind that a simple doctor's visit can cost hundreds of dollars excluding medicine cost. During these times, most parents deeply appreciate child only health insurance. At CaliforniaHealthyChoice our agents will help you find the right medical health coverage for your children at a price that works in your budget. We feature Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield California, Kaiser Permanente, and Cigna Child Only Plans.

Children's health care includes the prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the promotion of mental and physical well-being through services offered by healthcare professionals. Effective Children's health care is an important aspect of promoting overall good health.

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