California Health and Life Insurance Ten Day Refund Guarantee  

Health Insurance Policy Ten Day Free Look Period

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When you purchase any private California Health Insurance you can cancel any time in the first ten days and receive a full refund from the health insurance provider. There are no application fees and there is no fee to use our services.  You don't pay a higher premium for using our service by one cent. That's a lot of benefits and reasons to apply today and lock in the best rate.  There's no downside...but there are some "No's":

- No Application Fees
- No Fee for Our Services-Just Great Service For You
- No Sharing or Selling Your Information to Third Parties Like Most Online Health Insurance Sites
- No Hassles...Full 10 Day Refund Guarantee

Run your instant low cost health insurance quote and apply with confidence.  If fit your needs you can cancel with 10 days of receiving questions...on hassles.

Home  Best Price  10 Free Look  FAQ's  Get Quotes


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