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We feature low cost family health insurance plans from Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield California, Aetna, Cigna, Health Net, and Kaiser Permanente, and Celtic Health Insurance.

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Things to consider:
Managed Care Plans

Managed care plans involve a network of physicians, hospitals, specialists, and clinics that provide medical care at low rates. A system is set in place to control the delivery of services to families enrolled in a specific type of plan. Typically, a managed care plan consists of affordable premiums, coinsurance, and co payments. The amount of coverage for which the company will pay depends on the plan and the network’s rules.

The purpose of managed care plans is to ensure that the best care is rendered by the most appropriate specialist, and that the hospital or clinic meets all standards of the healthcare industry. These types of family health insurance plans provide a great deal of quality care at an affordable price. Parents can trust that their children are getting high quality healthcare by a good provider. There are three types of managed care plans: Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and Point-of-Service (POS).

Types of Managed Care Plans

An HMO plan is one of the most affordable options. Co payments. are fairly low and deductibles typically aren’t required. Families can select a primary care doctor within their network. If a specialist is needed, the primary doctor will give parents the referral information. The downside to these plans is that they can be restrictive, as you must choose only a provider who participates in the network.

The PPO plans are more flexible. Your family can save money when visiting preferred in-network doctors, yet you can still receive coverage from other providers outside of the network. This is an ideal choice for your family if you want more flexibility than what the typical HMO plan provides. The Point of Service (POS) plan is a combination of the other two plans. With a POS plan, a family must still use a primary care doctor from within the preferred network; however, the option to receive coverage from additional providers from within the network and the outside is also available.

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