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Our California Health Insurance Best Price Guarantee

Will I find better rates for a given health policy if I shop around? 
No.  Insurance Rates are a fixed price set by the Sate of California, You can't find a lower price than here.  The carriers do not offer discounts to certain agents or quoting services so you can feel confident that the best rates are here at one site across multiple carriers and plans.

Do you charge any fee for your service? 
Never.  Independent agents receive a commission from the carrier that is not passed on to the policy holder. You don't pay one penny more for your plan but get a great deal of benefits from having us as your agent. This commission is paid the same for all agents equally. This commission allows us to provide cutting edge quoting and membership capabilities but at absolutely no cost to you.

Why should I go through CaliforniaHealthyChoice.com?
If the rates are all all the same, why not take advantage of our superior customer service and online quoting engine which combs the major life carriers and plans and narrows it down to the best priced and most affordable health plans that meet your requirements.  We have the expertise and knowledge to help guide you through all the terms, types of plans, benefits, and paperwork to give you the edge when choosing your health plan.  Give us a call and find we're trying to help you get the plan that fits you. 

How do we get paid? 
Independent agents like us receive a commission from the health insurance carriers.  This commission rate is the same for all agents and not passed on to the policy holder.  This commission allows us to provide cutting edge quoting and membership capabilities but at absolutely no cost to you.  We are an caring third party solely concerned with helping you find the most affordable health insurance plan to fit your needs.

Is there a fee to apply through you?
Never.  In fact, you will have a 10 day refund guarantee.  There's also no application fee required for California health insurance, beware of anyone saying otherwise. What does this mean to you?  You can have complete confidence that you are getting the best rate with no fees to apply and the protection of a money-back guarantee within 10 days!   Quote away!

Will you help me after I'm accepted and enrolled on a health plan?

Absolutely. You will receive help and guidance before-during-after you signup for health insurance. We're with you through the life of the policy.  Not only can we help with choosing a plan and enrolment, but we're also here for membership issues that arise later on.  Probably the biggest one is re-evaluating your chosen plan and life insurance needs to make sure you're well taken care of at the best possible health rate.

Are you impartial in helping with the health process?

This is probably the most important advantage we bring. So often, peace of mind is knowing we are acting in your best interests at all times.  If we just wanted to increase commissions, we would be recommending the richest plans.  You'll see that's definitely not our take because we don't feel it makes sense.  You are in charge. We just act on your behalf and we're happy with whatever plan and rate you decide upon. 



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