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Quality Affordable Health Insurance that is guaranteed issue for everyone.
California Health Insurance Marketplace - Premium subsidy assistance for medium and low income families to buy quality health insurance.

Family Health Insurance


Covered California is California's new health insurance exchange, where individuals, children, and families can find affordable health insurance..

The California Health Insurance Exchange, Covered California, will be an online marketplace making it “easy and affordable for California residents to purchase guaranteed issue high-quality health insurance and access federal financial assistance to pay for coverage.” You will be able to shop plans online, over the phone, or in person to find the best health care insurance rates.

Medium and low income califonia residents can qualify for federal premium subsidies which will help them pay for quality health insurance. See our rate calculator to see what your premium payment might be.

Let us help you navigate the plans and benefits available to you through the Covered California Health Insurance Marketplace. We make it easy and it's completely free!

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Have you been denied coverage due to your medical history or a pre-existing condition? With the affordable care act you are guaranteed issue with no medical underwriting!

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Covered California will make it simple and more affordable for you and millions of other Californians to get high-quality health insurance that can't be canceled or denied because of a pre-existing medical condition or if you get sick. Legal residents of California will be eligible to buy health coverage through Covered California. Later in the year, you can shop easily online, in person or by phone for health insurance that is affordable for you and your family. A special website will provide you with a variety of online tools so you can learn more about a range of Qualified Health Plans that will be offered through Covered California.

Are you ready to have insurance and save valuable money?

California Health Insurance Marketplace puts you incontrol of your health insurance . With easy guaranteed acceptance enrollment to premium assistance, you now can find the right insurance for you or your family. Our Covered CA certified agents can answer questions and assist you throughout the entire process and best of all it's free.

  • All plans must provide Essential Health Benefits
  • Illustrate Monthly Premiums
  • Automatically View Plan Benefits
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  • Easy enrollment
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The Power of Choice
  California Healthy Choice will help you find a health plan that can fit your personal needs and budget. At you can shop and apply for California health insurance plans for individuals and families. You can see all the major carriers side by side to compare and review. It’s our goal to help you find the right California health insurance plan you want at an affordable price.

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