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Group Health Insurance for California Businesses

How to Choose?

There are numerous advantages to having your own business, and along with it comes a lot of responsibilities. One of those responsibilities, "take care of your health" so you can operate your business. You can’t afford to stay out for a week with the flu or your business may suffer without you there. It is also important to have employees that are able to be healthy and show up ready to work. After all, you need your employees to be productive.  Providing your employees with a quality affordable California group health insurance plan can help you and your employees stay healthy and more productive. can make selecting the right health plan for your business to offer to its employees easier than you think. You can choose the right health insurance carrier and the right health plan for your company. Take into consideration the location of your business, the doctor networks from the different carriers options and rates available in your area and the personal preferences of you and your employees. For instance do you like Anthem Blue Cross or Blue Shield, or Health Net.

Once you have a clear picture of what is available in your area we can show you which carriers are going to offer you the benefits and flexibility you and your employees expect. As an employer you of course the silver lining belongs to you. You have the final say to elect what plan you will offer and how much you are willing to contribute in premiums for the employee.

As a business owner you should be somewhat familiar with the types of health plans available and the types of Group Health Insurance designs the different carriers offer.

What types of group health plan designs do insurance companies offer?

Most top California group health insurance carriers will allow a small business to offer its employees several different plans under one group insurance policy. Anthem Blue Cross has a Small Business Group Health Plan design called Employee Elect. Blue Shield calls theirs Plan Select, Health Net has a couple of different designs called Enhanced Choice, Silver Choice and Hn Options. All these small business group health insurance plan designs can be thought of like a whole portfolio of different health plans and your employees can choose what type of health plan they want from that portfolio. This gives your employees more choices and the opportunity to sign up with a plan that best fits their needs. These portfolios usually consist of several HMO, PPO and HSA type health plans.How much does it cost for a group health insurance plan?

Each and every small business is going to have a different price. There are many factors taken into account for the price.

  • Location of the Business
  • The Carrier you choose
  • The age of your employees
  • Whether or not you will cover dependents
  • The health plans you choose to offer
  • The amount you as the employer will contribute as a benefit to the employee

The health insurance company has different premiums for different regions throughout the state. The best way to find out what a group health insurance plan will cost your company is to get a quote here.

Once you get a quote and have an idea of how much group health insurance cost you can decide how much you as the employer will contribute as a benefit for the employee. As a law for group health insurance plans the employer must contribute a minimum of 50% of the employee only (that’s not including any dependents or a spouse) health insurance premium cost. The employer can then decide how much they want to contribute for spouses and dependents if they choose to do so. For “Pick-A-Plan” option, employer can choose what’s called Defined Contribution in which a minimum of $80 or the actual cost of the plan per employee, whichever is less.Get Every California Group Plan Quoted Instantly – All in One Quote

We are an Authorized Agent with the Following carriers:

Anthem Blue Cross of California, Blue Shield of California, Health Net, Aetna, Kaiser, PacifiCare, United Health Care and Celtic Health Plans.

CaliforniaHealthyChoice will be able to assist you no matter what of the size of the company. With our Quick Group Health Insurance Quote system you have the ability to produce accurate group health insurance quotes with ease and speed. You can research various group health plans available in your area. See their prices instantly and compare benefits. Comparison-shop all the top carriers side by side and get the best deals. We give you every carriers quote instantly.

Even though you have the ability to get a quote, find a plan, and print out all the necessary paperwork and applications you need to get started by yourself, please call if you have any questions or need assistance. CaliforniaHealthyChoice has been able to help many family owned or sole proprietors with only two people on the group plan up to companies with several hundred employees.

Having a group health insurance plan for your company keeps your employees happy.  Business owners are continually dealing with employee turnover. A business with a group California health insurance is more likely to hold on to good employees than a business without health insurance coverage. I’m sure you’ve heard of the golden handcuffs. A covered employee is less likely to be lured away by another company if they have a California health insurance policy through your company.

CaliforniaHealthyChoice offers an online service tool designed to make your job of managing your group health plan a whole lot easier. Just point and click. All of your group insurance benefit information is at your fingertips. View benefits, look up plan providers, download enrollment forms, do online administration and much, much more.

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